Dog Dumped by a Hunter in the Fields Found Shaking with Brain Damage

But she had amazing rescuers and a wonderful human willing to make her final days the best.


Great Viktor Larkhill, the man we all admire so much for his love and dedication for animals in need of rescue, is sharing “a story of love, loss, and hope.”

The video featuring Pippa, a dog dumped by a hunter in the woods, touched many hearts. She was found all twisted and shaking and was in need of medical help and a human touch. Her rescuers suspected she had a degenerative brain damage, and sadly, the scans confirmed that to be true.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Pippa undergone many tests and surgeries and she always cooperated with the vets and the nurses because deep down she knew they were doing all that to make her feel better. Despite her condition, Pippa was one of the bravest and friendliest dogs her rescuers have ever seen. Salome is just one of the people who fell in love with Pippa, so she wanted to give her a nice home to spend her last days.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Pippa’s days were filled with unconditional love and fun. Salome would take her for short walks around the neighborhood using a carriage. But then, just a week in her new home, Pippa got pneumonia. Her body was way too weak and fragile to be able to fight that, so she passed away.

Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Pippa’s life was filled with many challenges, but at least she spent her last days around someone who cared for her more than anyone did her entire life.

You can take a look at Pippa’s life story in the video below.

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