Dog Dressed As Toy Elephant Has Adorable Routine With Dad


Halloween is all about bunch of candies, lots of fun, spooky decorations, and who gets to wear the best costume. But, we doubt there is a more adorable costume than that of the lovely puppy Tammy who was part of the Halloween costume party in Florida along with her human dad.

Walking around with those big and clumsy ears, she resembles a real life elephant, but its tiny size makes it awesome to watch.

The best part is that the costume comes with even more adorable routine that will put a smile on your face.

As she is cheerfully running around, she suddenly stops and lays down. And just when everyone thinks she is fed up with wearing the costume, they realize the dog is acting, and she indeed possesses some killing acting skills. Once her daddy “winds her up” with a “key,” she gets up and continues partying with the rest of the doggies.

“This video is of Tammy the dog winning Halloween costume contest at a dog event here at a bar in Tampa called the Strut, Wag and Rock 2018. She is a wind-up elephant toy. She keeps ‘falling’ because she needs to be wound up to stay moving. At the end of the video, you can see her cute face!”

Enjoy the lovely routine.

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