Dog Cries When He Was Evacuated, Touching Everyone’s Hearts

Kellie tried to comfort the sobbing pooch by going into his kennel. But Bronson continued to lie on his back and cry. She held him in her lap and rocked him, trying not to cry herself. Then it hit her…


The dog had been in the wrong place at the wrong time..

In Florida, one dog had unfortunately been mistakenly caught by Animal Control on the roads of Tampa and placed in a shelter. It was not a stray, however – it had belonged to a loving family! Staff had named him ‘Bronson’, as they never knew his true identity. ‘Bronson’ had no ID tags, microchip or even a collar to identify who he belonged to or to reveal his origin. The unlucky dog was with a few others in the vehicle when he was caught.

Just then, Hurricane Irma struck. The shelter ‘Bronson’ was in decided to evacuate every animal in their facility. It was to make room for other misplaced animals in the area who would need immediate help after the hurricane hit.

‘Bronson’ and the other dogs were ferried by animal rescue volunteers to a shelter located in Blount County, Tennessee. The other dogs quickly adapted and start mingling with other animals and humans alike in the new place. All except ‘Bronson’ himself.

His behavior alerted Kellie Bachman, a volunteer at the shelter. She had tried to comfort Bronson by going into his kennel, but it was no use as the dog continued to lie on his back and whine sadly. She tried to cuddle him and comfort him, but to no avail either.

A few people had showed interest in fostering or adopting ‘Bronson’, but shelter decided that it would be best to return him back home instead. Kellie and her husband looked up multiple listings of contact information before getting in touch with the Animal Control officer who found him by the road in the first place.

‘Bronson’’s picture and other information was then posted on a local lost and found pets Facebook page, and it did not take long for Bronson’s family to get in touch with them – thanks to a family friend. Turns out that ‘Bronson’ was in fact, the family’s eight-year-old Meco! They were initially fearful for his life when he had failed to return one day after walking his young owner to the bus stop. Meco had befriended a couple of stray dogs, which had delayed his return.

Watch Meco’s story below!

Despite being 12 hours or more away from home, a kind-hearted woman named Amber Edwards offered to assist the family to reunite with their dog Meco – and their reunion was truly a sight to behold!

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