Dog Covered In Mange Had Nobody Until One Woman Came


She experienced life as a dog for the first time.

One woman named Barbara Zuluaga spotted a photo consisting of a tiny and crusty-skinned puppy. However, she did not know what kind of dog she was due to her damaged looks and frail body. The puppy was about 8 months old and is actually a Staffordshire terrier mix. However, the poor pup was too malnourished – she weighed half of what her breed should weigh at a healthy range, only weighing about 12 pounds total!
“I thought that she was a Chihuahua or some other small breed,” said Zuluaga, who is also a board member of A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue in Houston, Texas. “She was just covered in mange, and it was very hard to tell. It’s a really sad story, and it happens a lot in Houston. For a dog to get the injuries that she had, the mange and malnourishment — they have to be kept in a certain state for a long time, so it’s really obvious that she suffered. When you held her, she shook, and she wouldn’t make eye contact,” she continued.

The puppy, named Ziva at the time, arrived at the BARC Animal Shelter in April after rescued from a life on chains tied to a tree on a housing property located in Houston. To make matters worse, poor Ziva had sustained multiple sores all over her body, and her paw pads were rubbed till red and raw.

Zuluaga got Ziva out of the shelter and straight to a vet for medical treatment. While Ziva was there, one of the veterinary technicians, Stephanie Williams, took immediate notice of her. “It broke my heart to think about her leaving, and I wanted to be a part of her recovery. So I volunteered to foster her,” Williams explained.
Then, Ziva went on to live with Williams for a period of around two months. During her time there, Ziva gained some healthy weight back, a new coat of fur as well as some proper dog behaviour tips.

Ziva quickly learned what it was like to be in a real and loving home, how to eat and drink properly out of a dog water bowl, sleep in a dog bed of her own and even knew how to jump up on the couch! And Williams was extremely proud of how far Ziva has came.

Lots of people wanted to adopt Ziva due to her cute looks, but Zuluaga knew that she would require an adopter who could continue helping her overcome her fears, introduce new things patiently and love her unconditionally. Eventually, Zuluaga found the perfect person to hand Ziva over to. Last week, Ziva went to her new owner, Cassie Rogers’s home located in Fort Worth, Texas. Ziva also got a new name now — she’s called Roxy!

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