Dog Couldn’t Stop Shaking At Shelter, Until This Video Went Viral


Neno was surrendered at a Fort Worth Animal Care and Control when his owners couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore. They hoped that shelter would be able to find him a new family that could take care of him and his medical needs.

But being left behind at the shelter put Neno in a state of shock. Being in an enclosed cage, and surrounded with barking dogs, sent Neno into a panic and he began to shake uncontrollably.

Paige King a shelter worker witnessed Neno sitting in the middle of the kennel with his legs tucked tight. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with her.

Seeing Neno broke her heart.  Paige took a video of the shivering dog and put it up on Facebook. The post quickly went viral.   This led to a lot of visitors for Neno.

But no one wanted to adopt him, except for one woman – Laura Rodgers. When Laura took Neno outside, she saw that his walk was very wobbly.

She suspected Neno had a neurological issue and that was the reason he was surrendered in the first place. But she wanted to give Neno a new lease on life. She was in tears the first time she watched the video of Neno shivering.  She had to give this sweet pup another chance at a happy life.


Laura adopted Neno and took him to a vet to find out what the issue was. That’s whenthe vet discovered that Neno was anemic due to a tick infestation. Neno also had an underactive thyroid which needed to be stabilized. Poor thing also had heartworms. All this was found before they could even run any neurological tests!

But Laura is determined to help Neno recover. After many days Neno is making progress!

It takes a special person to open up your heart and home to a dog that is surrendered because of health issues.  We are so glad that Laura gave Neno a second chance.

Below is a video of Neno walking outside of the kennel for the first time.

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