Dog Comes Across Baby Possum in Yard and Decides to Adopt It

These two are a unique pair of pals and their bond is unlike anything you've ever seen.


Dogs have the biggest and most compassionate hearts and their love is simply contagious. I don’t remember ever meeting a dog without their positivity making my day.


What is unique about these creatures is that they are really outgoing and can make friends with basically any other species, including possums.

Molly is a lovely Beagle from Australia. She lives with her family who loves her so much that they let her adopt an unlike animal.

Sadly, Molly lost an entire litter of her puppies recently and that broke her heart. But one day, she stumbled upon a baby possum in the family’s yard and her maternal instincts kicked in.

Being left all alone, the cute baby felt an instant connection to Molly and the first thing he did when he saw her was jump on her back. He didn’t get scared of her neither wanted to run the other way, but decided to be friendly, and that resulted in one of the most unlike animal friendships we’ve ever heard of.

Although their relation is not typical, these two seem to bonded over their loss; the one that of their children, and the other one that of their mommy.

“They’re an unlikely pair. I think that possum thought that Molly was her mother and vice versa,” says Elle, one of the two owners of Molly.

Molly takes great care of the possum and treats him as though he was her own baby.

“No matter how improbable it may seem, these two were clearly destined to meet!” says Sara, the other keeper of the Beagle dog.

Speaking of the animals’ relationship, Sara and Elle say it’s one of the cutest ever. The possum sleeps most of the day, and Molly stays by his side making sure he’s all safe and sound. And once he’s up, the real party starts.

The baby clings on Molly’s back, ready for a ride. And Molly loves having him around and making him happy.

The little possum found his comfort in Molly, so whenever she’s sleeping, he rests in her lap. The sight of these friends hugging and loving each other is priceless.

Molly’s humans are not certain how long will the possum stay with them, but are willing to let him be part of their family for as long as he wishes.

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