Dog was chained up for 5 Years – Now watch his reaction when they free Him!


Duke lived the first years of his life like most hunting dogs do in Greece: Chained, alone and mistreated, waiting for hunting season to run free for a few days per year and serve his purpose.

He served as a hunting dog for a few years and once his owner got tired and grew old, Duke became more like a burden.

The solution was to let him starve to death and then dispose of him by throwing him in a river somewhere.

It is a common practice in Greece that hunting dogs that grow old, get sick or simply become a burden for any reason are disposed off in cruel ways: abandoned on a mountain in the middle of nowhere and left to starve, shot, hang, drowned or starved.

Duke hadn’t been fed for days when one of ZEIL volunteers spotted him. He was rescued the same day and was brought to Athens, where he received treatment for dirofilaria.

With lots of love and medical care, Duke (now named Charlie) became the happiest dog you’ll ever see.

He was adopted in Denmark. Today he a healthy and happy dog living with his forever family and his three adopted siblings in Denmark.

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