Dog Born With Twisted Snout And Droopy Face Is Looking For A Forever Home

"What she looks like is irrelevant because her heart is pure gold."


Being born different, Bethany, a loving nine-month-old Labrador Retriever mix, is hoping to find someone who would love her for her amazingly vibrant personality and the love she’s willing to give to her new family.

This pup’s face is droopy and her snout is twisted but that doesn’t prevent her from leading a perfectly normal life.

Bethany’s mother was saved from the streets of Romania and brought to UK by Safe Rescue For Dogs, an animal rescue center from Norwich, Norfolk.

She only gave birth after she was rescued and four out of her five puppies were born with the same disfigurement.

The vets who checked on the puppies believe the condition with their faces might be due to the fact they are being part Pekingese.

The staff at the shelter where Bethany was brought say how she’s very loving and fun to be around. Despite her looks, she is perfectly independent and can eat and drink without assistance.

At the time being, Bethany lives with her foster mom Zoe Casey, a volunteer at the shelter.

Speaking of the pup, Casey says, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany – she doesn’t even snore when she’s asleep. She’s happy-go-lucky and absolutely lovely.”

“There is an attitude of people looking for the picture-perfect dog but I think people need to look a bit deeper. We hope Bethany finds a normal family who treats her like a normal dog because she is normal even if she doesn’t look it. We just want a nice, run-of-the-mill family who will look after her and not see what she looks like but what she is, an amazing dog. What she looks like is irrelevant because her heart is pure gold.”

All the shelter staff is hoping for is for someone to look at Bethany and her siblings past their disfigurement and love them for what they are. “Bethany has an ever wagging tail and gives the best cuddles, she is unphased by her disfigurement because she’s never known any other way to be,” they posted.

In case you want to open the doors of your heart and home to this amazing creature, please contact the shelter for further information.

Take a look at the video of Bethany below and make sure you share it with your family and friends because that way the chances of her finding a home are getting higher.

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