Dog Abandoned at a Dumping Ground Just Wanted to Kiss Her Rescuer

She was waiting to be saved for so long, and her rescuer was finally there.


It’s because of people like Judy Obregon from the organization The Abandoned Ones (TAO) that our faith in humanity is restored. This amazing woman makes sure that no dog dumped at the dumping ground around Echo Lake Park, Texas, dies. She frequently visits the place and looks for live animals that she brings to the shelter.

One day while Judy was on the job she spotted a tiny dog that was left beside a fence near the dumping ground. Left there to die, the dog now named Callie was crying and hoping for someone to come along her way.

When Judy got closer, she noticed how Callie had a string around her neck. The other part of that string was tied to the fence and she realized that the brave dog was trying to break free and made the string snap off.

Callie was now safe and she knew that. After she got inside Judy’s car she gave her rescuer a sweet kiss on the cheek.

The most amazing thing of all was that despite her ordeal, Callie was perfectly healthy.

As for now, the sweet dog is recovering from the trauma and is healing emotionally. She was abandoned and malnourished, but she never stopped trusting humans.

Thanks to Judy who cared enough, Callie is now looking for a forever home. We hope she will get her happy ending.

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