17-Year-Old Shepherd Mix With Cancer Found Alone Deep Into The Woods

Rocky was all alone, scared, and confused.


The celebration of Independence Day is always followed by great joy and a bunch of fireworks. But as much as we enjoy the beautiful sky on this day, we often forget that dogs and other animals are left scared stiff from the loud sounds.

Sadly, a 17-year-old shepherd mix named Rocky got so frightened from the fireworks that he ran away from home. From that day on, his owners lost every track of him and were left wondering where their loving pet could be.

Days later, a logger named Jake Higgins spotted Rocky deep into the woods. The dog was so frightened that it wouldn’t let Jake get closer. Realizing that the animal was confused and lost, Jake contacted Conway Area Humane Society.

Conway Area Humane Society

In just a matter of hours, Debra Cameron, the shelter’s manager, and one of the volunteers, Kevin Ahearn, found themselves at the place were Rocky was spotted. Jake helped them locate the dog and catching him was easy because he was way too old to be able to run fast.

No one really knew how much time the poor animal spent in the woods or how he got there, but they were determined to find his owners and get him back home.

Luckily, after sharing the story and the video of the rescue on their Facebook page, a friend of Rocky’s family recognized the dog. He contacted them and told them how their pet was at the shelter of Conway Area Humane Society.

Conway Area Humane Society

The reunion took place the same day the owners learned that Rocky was found safe and sound.

What’s most, Rocky’s human daddy was so grateful that he made a generous donation to the shelter.

Conway Area Humane Society

Rocky, who has cancer, was finally home around people who love him to the moon and back. His owners, however, warn other pet owners of the dangers and the effects fireworks have on animals.

“Fireworks are so rough on pets,” Rocky’s mommy said, “even for a seasoned old boy like Rocky.”