Disabled Dog Is About To Be Euthanized When He Shows Everyone He Wants To Live

He digs deep down and finds strength within himself to prove them wrong.


Disabled with legs that don’t work, Speedy had to push himself along the ground to move. Thinking it was in the best interest of the dog, Speedy’s owner contacted Sidewalk Specials to have him put down. Just when they thought the dog was down for the count, he proved them all he still had some fight left.

When rescuers arrived, the sight of the dog wagging his tail super hard made it hard for them to have the heart to put him down. After being taken in their care, Speedy decided to prove everybody wrong. Only a week after being rescued, Speedy got on his feet and began to walk around.


Speedy went through rehabilitation which was difficult for him at first. After a month in rehab, Speedy can now run around freely. Not only that, he even found his forever home!

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