Despite Being Pregnant, This Dog Was Simply Left For Dead In Her Family’s Backyard


 The dog was found pregnant, all alone in a backyard..

In Ohio, a dog named Harley had been abandoned by her family in a backyard when they were evicted. For most of her life, Harley had been kept chained up in this backyard and had no shelter.

After her family left her behind, Harley had no choice but to crawl under wooden boards to sleep. A neighbor soon noticed Harley and decided to rescue her. Harley was also heavily pregnant and was due to give birth soon.

Harley was untied and kept in an enclosure for her safety, she was also given food as well. As the neighbor could not keep her, a rescue group called Backyard Dog Project, was contacted for help.

Backyard Dog Project immediately decided to help and tried their best to find a foster home for Harley and her unborn puppies but the foster that had been previously arranged had to back out at the last minute. Fortunately for Harley, the same neighbor who found and looked after her decided to help care for her temporarily.

Soon after, Harley went into labor and gave birth to eight puppies. According to Backyard Dog Project’s update on their Facebook page, Harley and all of her eight puppies are currently doing great. Harley is also described as a good mother as she cleans and takes care of her puppies well.

The neighbor who agreed to temporarily foster Harley also did an excellent job in taking care of them. Although Harley distrusts humans, she allows her temporary foster to pet her and handle her puppies.

The rescue has also stated that they would like for Harley and her puppies to find a new home but they would need to stay together for the next seven weeks. After seven weeks, the puppies will need to be fully weaned and go through a medical checkup before they can be adopted.

Meanwhile, Harley’s current foster will be taking care of her and the puppies for the next seven weeks. Both Harley and her puppies are on their way to a brighter future thanks to the combined efforts of her current foster and the rescue group.

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