Deaf 17-Yr-Old Dog Turns Into Puppy The Second He Realizes Mom Is Home.

This melted my heart.


We are very well aware of what every dog does while their owner is not around. They stay and wait for them to get back. Yes, that’s how loyal and devoted dogs are.

Alice owns an adorable senior dog who’s 17 years old, and as much as she hates living him home without her, she has to be away sometimes because of her studies. And now after four weeks of being away from home she is about to give lovely Buster a surprise to remember.

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Calling his name won’t work because he’s deaf so she slowly approaches trying to catch him “off-guard” and taps him on the neck. Now if you think Buster’s age will prevent him of giving his owner a decent welcome, think twice. He goes above and beyond the licks and yips.

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Watching him wagging his tail, whimpering and wiggling, you may assume he’s just a pup and not a senior dog. His vibrant personality is on point. Alice should be lucky to be having someone who loves her this much by her side.

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Buster has been part of the family for 13 years and he’d been very close to Alice’s mom who passed away last year. Ever since the loss of his human mommy, he found in Alice his new favorite person. She says, “He is very attached to me. I live away from home for uni though so I only see him every few weeks. He gets very excited to see me because I am his favorite.”

Take a look at Buster’s reaction. He is a proof that age is just a number. You go Buster!

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