‘Dead’ Dog Comes Back To Life When Rescuers Arrive

"He was a total transformation."


Animal lovers are special breed of humans who make a difference in the life of the furry creatures in need of kindness, comfort, and a forever home.

Judy Obregon is one of those people. She is the founder of a dog rescue group The Abandoned Ones whose mission is to take stray dogs off the streets and provide them with a chance for a better life.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

Among all those dogs wandering the streets in hopes of being given some compassion, this particular tiny poodle mix caught Judy’s attention. She was struggling to find it, asking around whether someone have seen it. However, random people telling her how it was all alone and tormented by some local kids was a bitter disappointment for Judy.

“Kids were throwing food out on the street, so the dog would run out onto the street,” Judy told The Dodo. “Then neighbors saw some children tying a water hose around his neck.”

She became more determined to find the puppy, and that’s when she got a message with a photo of it laying on the side of a driveway. It was clear from the photo that the poor dog was either in a very serious condition or even more likely, dead.

“I started crying because I felt like I didn’t do enough,” Judy said. “I felt like I wasn’t there on time to get to this dog before he ended up in this situation.”

The person who took the photo told Judy how the puppy was neither moving nor breathing. The girl rushed to the scene as fast as she could.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

Once she arrived, she got the surprise of her life. The poodle mix gathered strength to lift its head. It was alive. Judy found it just on time, after all.

“When I came to him, he was still in the same spot, but his head was up,” Judy said. “I was probably the happiest person in the world.”

She quickly took it to the vet’s clinic where Gully, that’s how she named him, was offered the much-needed medical care. Thankfully, besides being dehydrated and starving, he wasn’t suffering from any serious illness.

It was obvious Gully experienced a tough life on the streets as he was quite afraid of people, but he quickly fall in love with his human hero.

Source: Judy Obregon

“He started giving me kisses,” Judy said. “He was a total transformation, I would say, within 48 hours.”

Once he recovered, Gully was taken in by Judy’s friend, Crystal Hampton, who was more than happy to take care of him until the perfect family came along.

“After a few days, he just came out of his shell,” Judy said. “He was just so happy. There were times when I even think he smiled because he was so happy.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

“We showed him that not all humans were bad,” she added. “And animals are so resilient, and he put his past behind him the moment he was rescued.”

As good luck would have it, someone special crossed Gully’s path and decided to adopt him, giving him all the love he deserved.

Judy was over the moon knowing his little pal got his happy ending.

Source: Judy Obregon/Facebook

If it wasn’t for the people who never let go of Gully, he wouldn’t survive.

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