Dad pointed his camera at the door as he knew his Golden Retriever was in for a “reunion of a lifetime”

Oshie stares at the door and can hear someone coming, but has no idea it's the person she's been waiting for way too long! 😍


Homecomings are the best. They always put a smile on our faces and make our eyes shed tears of joy as they remind us of what really matters, and that’s those around us who make our life worth living.

I don’t really know why, but I always get extra emotional when there are dogs involved in these touching reunions. 

This time, we get to see how strong the love of dogs for their humans really is. 

Oshie is an adorable Golden Retriever who misses her Marine mom badly. 

Luckily, mom is now getting home from her stay in Norway and can’t wait to hug her loving doggie. 

Dad knows that Oshie is getting the surprise of her life so he’s making sure he gets her reaction on tape. So, the question “Who’s home?” is followed by endless hugs and lots of tail wagging. 

Rolling over in excitement and treating her with a bunch of licks and hugs; what more could a mother ask for?

This is definitely a must see as it will make your day!


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