Dad makes adopting a puppy an event the family will never forget

Little Glimmer is going home! šŸ˜Š


Welcoming a four-legged family member in your home has to be one of the most exciting experiences. From the moment the decision of adopting a pup is made, until that moment the lovely creature is really there, everyone is in anticipation of meeting their new pal.Ā 

One dad knew how much getting a dog meant for his loved ones that he decided to put the big moment on tape. He actually recorded the entire journey to theĀ Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida, and we canā€™t be more glad he did it.Ā 


His sweet children are looking forward to the encounter and even think of names along the way. Once they are finally at their destination, they get to meet lovely Glimmer who has to be the happiest dog out there since heā€™s going to be part of such an adorable family.Ā 

This type of bonding between the family members and now their new dog is simply priceless. We hope their every day will be filled with fun.Ā 

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