Cute Rescue Puppy Makes a Dramatic Move on Sleeping Grandma and Leaves Family in Awe

The family was caught off guard 😆


Anna Carolina Lima from Brazil and her fiancé weren’t really planning on welcoming a dog in their life, but after they stumbled upon a tiny stray puppy that was all scared and confused they decided to give her a home. So, Luna became part of their family and they agree that rescuing this incredible dog was the best thing they’ve ever done.

Once in her new home, Luna got herself comfortable and wasn’t afraid to let her vibrant personality sparkle.

Everyone was over the moon for having her around and Anna was overly excited to introduce her to every member of her family, and that, of course, included her grandma.

So, one day, Anna took Luna to her grandma’s. She somehow knew the two would fall for one another, but she never expected for that visit to turn into one she will never forget.

They all had a fun time, but Anna felt hungry and asked her granny whether she could look after Luna until she grabbed a lunch. The elderly lady was okay with it and assured her granddaughter that she and the dog would be just fine.

However, it was a busy day so the granny decided to take a quick nap. Before that, she took her dentures off and put them under her pillow.

Seeing the teeth, Luna went curious and grabbed them while the lady was sound asleep.

At the time Anna returned, her grandma was already up and frantically looking for her dentures. She told Anna how she searched every corner but had no idea where her chompers could be. Luckily, Anna knew. She could feel her doggy was involved in the “crime” of the missing teeth. And she was right.

When Anna asked the “Tooth-ferry” to return grandma’s dentures, Luna grabbed them with her mouth and it resembled as though she was wearing them herself. You can’t even imagine how hard everyone laughed looking at their dog with the dentures on.

This cutie-pie made everyone’s day with her careless act. Maybe granny got a bit mad, but she didn’t have the heart to scold the sweet puppy.

Later, Anna shared the photos with her friends and they soon went viral. Needless to say, people loved them. Well, it’s not everyday that we see dogs wearing false teeth, right?

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