Cocker Spaniel Insists On Holding His Owner’s Hand While On The Road

No one really believed him when he said what his dog does in the car. So he filmed this...


All of you who own a dog know how special it is to be taking road trips with your best four-legged friend and embark on new adventures.

Adam, the owner of the sweet little Cocker Spaniel named Tommy, just loves taking his dog wherever he goes.

However, there is an issue there. Tommy is afraid of getting in the vehicle and being on the road. The great thing is that Adam found a way to reduce Tommy’s anxiousness and when you see how he does it, your heart will melt.

The moment he feels Tommy gets nervous, Adam gives him his hand to hold with his tiny paws. Knowing his human daddy is right there for him puts the pooch at ease.

But, no matter how adorable people believed this video of the two friends driving was, they couldn’t help but wonder how Adam managed to film it as he was holding his dog’s paw with one hand and driving with the other.

This is what Adam had to say:


A lot of you seem to be concerned about how I took the video. I put my phone in an iPhone holder that I use in my car for hands free calls. Its attached to the driver side door. The phone fell out once because I was on a back road which was quite bumpy. Tommy is also buckled in via his harness so hes safe as a house. I appreciate all the concerns, especially about Tommy being buckled in because that’s important, but i assure you all it was perfectly safe, i wouldn’t have done it otherwise. You should all re-watch the video safe in the knowledge that me, Tom and the roads of Ireland are safe as ever šŸ™‚

It’s really inspiring to see how dedicated Adam is and how much he loves Tommy. The two seem to be a match made in Heaven.

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