Curious Dog Drags Owner Towards Mysterious Cardboard Box, With Something In It

Aragon the rescue dog caught wind of something, and he pulled hard at the leash. His curious owner followed the eager pup to a dirty cardboard box, which was moving! She cautiously popped the lid and...what a sight!


The dog’s owner never expected this!

Animals are well-known for their sharp sixth sense, especially in distressing situations. They are able to read our moods and pick up on things we cannot detect. One woman named Valia Orfanidou and her adopted dog, Aragon, went for a walk on the mountain of Immitos near Athens, Greece.  The canine started acting in a strange way all of a sudden. He pulled Valia all the way to the side of the road, straight towards an abandoned cardboard box which was found resting beneath some shrubs.

Aragon got even more anxious with every step they took toward the box. As soon as he was near it, the dog started to quickly sniff the outer surface of the box.

She was hesitant to open the box at first, as she had no idea what kind of surprise was waiting for the two of them. There might be some toxic chemicals inside that could harm them, she fears. Thanks to Aragon’s intense curiosity, she slowly lifted the lid.

To her surprise, there were four live kittens inside the box! Someone had abandoned them all on the side of the road with no written notice that would indicate that the box had contained live animals. No help was called for either. Luckily, the kittens seemed unharmed, and Valia brought them back home.

Aragon however, is an responsible dog – he tries his best to make sure that all of the kittens never left his side. He would gently guide all of the cats, one by one, back into the tray where he knew they would stay safe instead of roaming around. Aragon had immediately established himself as their caretaker. He would sit beside the kittens’ tray for hours at a time to made sure the kittens were at ease.

Valia has since named the kittens Lhotse, Cho, Makalou, and Manaslou respectively, after mountain peaks in the Himalayas. All of them would be ready for adoption less than one week – after being rescued by Valia and Aragon!

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