Cruel Owners Abandon Dog and Glue Her Eyes Shut so She Can’t Find Her Way Home

What kind of monster would do something like this? Luckily, this poor girl was found by just the right person.


No matter how hard-to-believe this story sounds, it is real. Some crazy and beyond cruel owners dumped their dog and wanted it to die. When the poor animal was found by a passerby named Carlos, her eyes were glue shut. They probably tried abandoning the dog before but she found her way back home, so they wanted to make sure she wouldn’t come back this time and did the cruel deed.

The incident took place in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, where the dog was spotted. Regarding her condition, it was pure luck she didn’t get hit by a car.

Speaking to The Mirror, Carlos said how he couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized the dog’s eyes were shut with glue. He simply didn’t want to believe there could be people so heartless living among us. He was aware the dog needed urgent medical help, so he rushed her to the vet.

The vets were able to take the glue off the dog’s eyes, but it wasn’t a simple procedure. Luckily, her eyes weren’t damaged, she only suffered from eye infection that could be treated.

As her eyes could be cured with antibiotics, it will take a lot more to cure her broken soul. Luckily, this animal was found just by the right person, Carlos, who couldn’t live her at a shelter, but took her home and adopted her.

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