Crippled Stray Gets Attention For The First Time In Her Life So She Responds With A Smile

She struggled to fend for herself and no one has ever stopped to give her food or water. But then one man changed that.


Kaew is a crippled stray dog from Thailand. She had spent most of her life under a bridge, crawling and trying to get to any of the food people would throw on the streets. Fending for herself was getting more and more difficult with every passing day, especially because no one ever wanted to help her, or even look at her. 

Luckily it all changed one day when a kind-hearted passerby decided she was worth helping. 

The moment he approached, Kaew smiled at him, and the video of that cute smile was spread all over the Internet. 

Once at the vet’s office, they could tell she was severely malnourished and her muscles atrophied. She was given medication and was put on a high-calorie diet. She also underwent physical therapy. Her rescuers hope she would be able to have surgery that would help fix her legs. 

The number of dogs who share Kaew’s destiny is huge. And although it’s impossible to help all of them, we are overly excited when we stumble upon stories that show there are still people out there who care of the well-being of the stray dogs. 

Take a look at Kaew’s story in the video below. 

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