Cowboys herding cats in the most hilarious commercial ever made

I had no idea herding cats is such a tough business!


I guess that not many people like it when commercials pop out while watching their favorite TV show. However, some are so fun and unique that they can bring more laughter and entertain you more than the show you are watching itself.

ESD came up with what’s considered one of the greatest commercials of all time. People agree that it puts a smile on their face no matter how many times they’ve seen it, and we can’t agree more. 

Even if you are a cat lover, don’t let these felines fool you into thinking that “herding cats” is easy. These cowboys know what they are saying. It’s damn hard and leaves you with bunch of scratches and clothes you have to lint-roll daily.

“Anybody can herd cattle, but holding together ten thousand half-wild shorthairs – well, that’s another thing altogether.”

Controlling the uncontrollable, these “grizzled cowboys” don’t have it easy. 

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