Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse To Woods Only To Be Taken In By Unlikely Animals Who Protect Her

I never would have imagined these animals to take her in. What a lucky baby cow!


At just 4-months old, Bonnie the cow found herself at a sad crossroads. Unfortunately for the young calf she had been born into a life leading straight to the slaughterhouse. On this particular day she saw her family and herd mates get rounded up and taken away, never returning. As the cows were being rounded up Bonnie made her escape venturing off and fleeing into the woods.

When news of the young cows disappearance spread the town was divided on what to do with her once they located her. Half of the town wanted to send her back to where she belonged while the other half wanted to make sure she was saved and protected on an animal sanctuary. Bonnie remained hidden until one day when a hunter caught sight of unusual wildlife footage from the woods he’d never forget. There, laying on some hay, was Bonnie, but she wasn’t alone.

Unbeknownst to everyone in town looking for her, the cow had teamed up with other animals to protect her in the woods. These new herd mates shocked everyone. Bonnie had made friends with a family of deer and joined them for protection. When word of her location got out a local neighbor began visiting Bonnie to drop off food and gain her trust. Once Bonnie trusted her, the neighbor contacted an animal sanctuary who then came in and transported her to their location where she will be protected and looked after. We are so happy Bonnie found a happy ending and are thankful for the neighbor that cared for her. Watch the full story in the video below.

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