Couple’s Husky Passed Away, But They Found A Wanderer In Their Yard..


The Husky had traveled such a long way!

Bergman and her boyfriend reside in Kansas City, Missouri, with their huskies – Skylar and Aspen. However, tragedy struck when Skylar suddenly passed away – right before Christmas arrived.

They tried to move on, but to no avail as it was so close to the holiday season. However, Bergman’s boyfriend called to report a discovery he made while bringing in Aspen from the yard on Christmas day. 

The dog was so skinny and wet, and his back was covered in ice. It wasn’t in the best shape either. Bergman’s boyfriend had let a lost husky in for Christmas, much to her surprise.

The couple then gave the husky some food and a bath. Bergman took him to the vet, and found out that he had a microchip in him. Turns out that the husky hailed from New Mexico, which was more than 900 miles away from Kansas City! Bergman phoned his owners, the Chavarria family, who informed her that the lost Husky was named Koda, and had been missing a year ago!

Koda had mistakenly escaped from the family truck when his family were out running errands. He had traveled across at least 4 states within the year he went missing, and survived all by himself!. Bergman launched a GoFundMe page for Koda’s sake – to pay for a ride back home to New Mexico as well as medical cost coverage.

Bergman thinks that this wasn’t a mere coincidence this happened.  It must have been fate that this dog, who’s also a husky, would show up on Christmas day itself. The couple were in the midst of mourning Skylar when Koda showed up, easing some of their pain. Koda has since been transported back home on January 10, and has reunited with his family ever since.

And now, thanks to Koda, Bergman has moved on with her pain from the loss of her beloved dog. “He came at the right time,” she says. Watch the Husky’s great journey below!

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