Couple Saves Cat from Shelter, the Kitty Holds onto Them and Won’t Let Go

They saved the cat from the shelter, and he held onto them and didn't want to let go. ❤️


Dan and his wife, Hannah from North Carolina, saves a cat from a shelter. This isn’t the end of the story. The cat was so happy to go home with them he cuddled Hanna with both paws and wouldn’t let go.

The was contacted by a volunteer of Chesapeake Cats and Dogs, Maryland, about a cat needing fostering immediately. They had no idea saving him would make them so happy.

The 9-year-old cat was abandoned and in very poor health.   “I took the afternoon off work and drove an hour to get him,” Dan said.

The cat shy and scared, when he met Dan he could tell right away. “Obviously, he had been neglected. He let out a meow that sounded like ‘no’ when he was to be put in the cat carrier for me to bring him home.”

Dan talked to him the entire hour-long drive home. “I told him I was going to get him all better and all cleaned up. I pet him as best as I could through the cat carrier bars,” Dan added.


The couple made him feel loved, they even turned their guest room into a suite just for him. They brushed him everyday and he loved it. After his medication, which probably eased his pain, the cat began purring.

“We would spend as much time as possible brushing and petting him the first few hours. We got him calm enough to remove his fur mats and get his fur smooth.”


Suddenly the cat clutched onto them with his paws and wouldn’t let go. They gave him the name Huggs. “I pulled him as a foster and knew the minute I met him that I was keeping him,” Dan said.

Health Issues

Huggs had many health issues, but after he moved in with Dan and Hannah, his health began to improve.

“He had a full tooth extraction shortly after we got him, and has been doing great since. He’s got some chronic issues, but plays with the other cats, eats well, and is generally happy,” Dan said.

Pain-Free And Ready For Cuddles


He is finally pain free for the first time in a long time now he demands constant affection.

They purchased a baby Bjorn that they wear for Hugs so he can be held and close to them all the time.


“When I come home from work at night he literally walks up to me at the door and puts his paws up on me, asking to be picked up,” Dan told Love Meow.

“I’ll then walk around the house with him purring like crazy and rubbing against my chin. He sleeps on the bed with us too, and will wake you up by purring in your ear.”


The couple saves cats more than one time.

“His scabs and signs of fleas are all gone, he gets along with the other cats, and his health is good and stable.”


They can’t remember what life was like before they saved Huggs but they know that the rest of his life he will have lots of cuddles and plenty of love.


Watch Huggs as he hugs his humans in this adorable video:

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