Couple Builds Giant Bed So All 8 Of Their Rescue Dogs Can Sleep With Them


It takes special people to rescue stray dogs, take them off the streets, and offer them a forever home.

Chris and Marisea Hughes not only opened the doors of their place and their hearts to eight rescued dogs, but they make sure the sweet creatures enjoy all the luxuries and have perfect lives.

This couple treats of all their canines as part of the family. They know the doggies love sleeping next to them and they don’t mind that. However, no matter how much they want to share their bed with their four-legged companions, it was practically impossible as it was way too crowded.

In order to make it comforable for everyone while sleeping on the same bed, the Hughes thought to themselves why not build a giant bed that would fit everyone.

It sounded like a brilliant plan, and this couple didn’t waste the time. They contacted a dog-loving furniture maker to construct their dream bed. Building it took six months, but the waiting was totally worth it.

The bed has two huge mattresses, drawers, built-in stairs to help the dogs get on it easily, and cute hand-carved paw prints on the headboard that is six feet tall.

This lovely couple is the founder of “The Mr. Mo Project,” which is a non-profit organization that helps old and sick dogs find permanent homes. Their dedication speaks a lot of their love for dogs. If there are more people like Chris and Marisea, the number of strays and dogs in need of help would be much smaller.

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