Couple Adopts The Last Dog Left At Shelter, Who Just Happens To Be A Blind German Shepherd

After being the last one at the shelter over a holiday deal, this dog gets forever home.


The staff from Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix set a goal to find a forever home to all the animals that were in their care just in time for Christmas. They posted cute pictures online along with the background story of each of the cute felines and canines. The final result was astounding, with 313 pets spending the most wonderful time of the year with a new owner.

But, the number of animals in the shelter was 314, which meant one of them stayed behind. Bryan is a 5-year-old German Shepherd who is partially blind, and that was probably the reason no one chose to take him in.

But as it turned out, his impairment didn’t stop kind-hearted Patti Mooers from falling in love with him. The moment she saw Bryan’s picture she could envision him running around her yard and sleeping by the fireplace. He was her perfect match and it wouldn’t be first time for her to be taking care of animals with certain disability.

This was definitely the best Christmas for both Bryan who spends his days smelling everything around the house, and Patti who loves helping him getting around.

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