Cop Rescues ‘Unadoptable’ Shelter Dog – Blood Runs Cold When He Makes Discovery In The Woods

He never could have imagined finding this


When a dog from a shelter has to be put down that always causes sadness and despair at the people from the shelter who took care of the pup and tried everything in their power to make his life fun.

When the shelter worker Patricia Inman learned about a dog who was about to be put down she felt like she had to intervene and influence the decision. During the stay at the shelter, she gave the dog all the love and devotion. She became its personal trainer and managed to teach her lots of tricks and the puppy showed immense progress. Unfortunately, in cases like this, unless someone adopts the dog, his destiny is predetermined. Not knowing what to do, she finally figured out who she might call for help.

When Rhode Island State Trooper Matthew Zarrella got a call from Patricia and heard about the dog and his progress during the training sessions something told him he had to act quickly and not let this extremely hyper and energetic dog die. When making this call, Patricia could never anticipated the incredible turn of events that followed.

Officer Matthew had the chance to go and see the dog, and that’s when he got even more determined to help. It was obvious that the dog was very smart, and Officer Matthew was certain she could make a great police dog so he contacted fellow Officer Daniel O’Neal and offered him something he couldn’t say no to.

O’Neal who is a dog lover always wanted a K-9 partner, and now his wish finally came true. He was excited beyond words to be given the chance to train Ruby and make her his partner. It only took him four months to make Ruby a fully trained police dog. Once the “unadoptable” dog will now serve much greater purpose than anyone could imagine.

A couple of years in the job Ruby got her badge and was part of 10 missing cases, 3 of which were found alive. But this case about a missing teen was somehow different. When Ruby and O’Neal headed towards the woods she started barking and pointing to a mysterious sight. O’Neal told Providence Journal:

“We were a mile and a half into the woods when Ruby all of a sudden quickly darted.”

The dog led her partner right to the missing teen who was in obvious distress and severely injured. At first, O’Neal had no idea who that boy might be nor he ever imagined the relation between him and his dog. But once he realized who this teen was, his heart instantly dropped in his stomach.

The video below reveals the ending of this stunning story – what an incredible coincidence!

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