Cop orders woman to sit inside hot car after she locked her dog in. Her enraged response is golden

Cop orders woman to sit inside hot car after she locked her dog in. Her enraged response is golden


With all those stories we’ve heard of animals suffering heatstroke after being left inside a car on a very hot day, there is no excuse for leaving them trapped in the vehicle while you are casually running your errands.

The consequences can be way more severe than you think, and this act of negligence can result in death of the animal in question.

Animal owners who do this despicable act either don’t care that much, or underestimate how quickly the temperatures rise within a car that is left exposed to direct sunlight.

The most recent case we’ve stumbled upon is of a police officer named Vincent Kreischer from New Mexico who came across a dog inside a hot car while on the job.

The car was parked at the parking lot of a grocery store so he assumed the dog owner was doing shopping while the pet was left helplessly waiting. And he was right. The owner, a woman named Shelly Nicholas, got out of the store and told the officer how she only left the dog alone for ten minutes, acting as though it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

Officer Kreischer explained that, in the 90-degree heat, the inside of the car could heat up to 114 degrees in those 10 minutes. The poor pooch was in great distress, even after such a short time in the car.

Instead of kindly apologizing for her unacceptable treatment towards her dog, she started shouting and arguing with the officer in a very rude manner. But she quickly regretted her behavior after officer Kreischer ordered her to wait inside the car with the engine off, the doors closed, and the windows rolled down while he was writing her a ticket.

This way she could experience what it feels like to be locked in a hot vehicle, and it could hopefully teach her a lesson.

The nasty woman didn’t like that idea and began protesting and saying how she couldn’t do it because it was way too hot inside the car.

Too bad for her. She should have though of that before deciding to let her dog struggle in the sun while she was inside the store where it was cool.

What this officer did is pretty much amazing. He decided to punish the dog owner with nothing less than she did to her pet.

We hope she learned her lesson. And for the officer, he did the right thing.

Check the whole story in the video below.

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