Cop Notices Puppy Being Strangled by Owner – Arrests Owner and Then Takes the Puppy Home

Without the efforts of the officer, the puppy’s life could have been very different.


When officer Joshua Weskamp of the Fresno Police Department responded to an animal abuse call, he had no idea he would end up adopting the puppy he saved from the hands of his cruel owners.

And now if you think this is the sweetest thing to do, stay here for the whole story.

When he arrived at the scene, Officer Weskamp was very disturbed by the sight. A homeless man was severely beating the sweet puppy he had in his possession. He was strangling the poor animal and tossed him in the air towards a parked garbage truck.

Being aware the dog could easily suffer serious injuries and die, Weskamp rushed to take him from his owner’s hands and alerted the Central California SPCA to step in and give the poor animal a shelter.

He arrested the owner and started an animal cruelty and animal abuse investigation against him.

The rescue of the five-month-old Labrador-pit-bull mix deeply affected Weskamp. He couldn’t stop thinking of the abuse the sweet dog had to suffer under the care of his cruel owner and was interested to learn of the animal’s progress and recovery.

The staff at the SPCA were deeply touched by the dedication Weskamp showed for the dog he saved.

After the owner received the punishment he deserved, Weskamp showed interest in adopting the puppy. He knew the life at the shelter would be hard for him as he was way too young and had a rough start in life.

But things around the adoption didn’t go as smoothly as this officer planned.

Weskamp was told how the little guy was serving as evidence in the case of his abuse, so he had to wait a couple of months before becoming the dog’s new legal human daddy.

Having that puppy in his life meant the world to this caring officer. The dog got a very special name, LEO, which stands for Law Enforcement Officer, and we think that’s beyond cute.

In case you witness an animal being abused, make sure you report it to an animal rescue organization or the local police station. You can only get directly involved in stopping the abuse if you judge the situation allows that, otherwise, refrain yourself from getting close.

Below is the video of Weskamp leaving the shelter with his new best pal, Leo. Make sure you don’t miss it.

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