Confused On Why Her Dog Dragged Her Out, Woman Soon Realizes The Danger She Was In


The family wanted to rid of the dog at first, but..

Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense danger. You may have heard of numerous stories of brave dogs rescuing their owners from danger. Patch is one of those canine heroes. Patch was actually adopted by the Davis family when he was a puppy by Nola and Richard Davis, who wanted surprise their children with a dog. Their children, Clara and Andrew Davis, were thrilled and welcomed Patch into their family. But as Patch grew up, the couple thought that Patch was getting too big for their home and thus considered to get rid of him.

Thankfully, due to their children’s insistence of Patch staying, the couple agreed to reconsider their decision. The couple did not expect that Patch would later save Nola’s life. During the couple’s wedding anniversary in 1999, Patch had been acting strangely to Nola, who was the only one at home at that time. As Patch disliked water, he normally would not follow anyone into the bathroom. But on that day, he followed Nola into the bathroom and continued to bark.

Nola did not notice anything strange when she heard him barking, so she ignored him. When Nola failed to respond to his warnings, he gently bit her on her arm and used his body weight to physically pull her out of the bathroom. Although Nola was confused and shocked by his actions at first, she soon realized that she was in danger. It turned out that the entire house was engulfed in flames, so Patch was only trying to get her to safety!

Finally understood Patch’s message, Nola followed Patch out onto the front yard safely. When Nola reached the front yard, she soon realized that the car had been also engulfed by the fire and could cause an explosion. Alarmed, she wanted to head back into the house to get the car keys but was quickly stopped by Patch. An explosion inside the house then occurred at that moment. If Patch did not stop her, she could have been injured or killed by the explosion!

Even though the Davis family had lost all of their belongings due to the fire, they were thankful that everyone was safe. According to an investigation, the fire was caused by an electrical short. Shortly after the fire, the Davis moved to a new home in Montana, where there was plenty of space for Patch.

Thanks to Patch’s sharp instincts, Nola was able to escape safely. Three cheers for this canine hero!

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