Confused and Abandoned Old English Sheepdog is Finally Rescued Off the Streets

This confused dog was starving and couldn't see but then a miracle happened.


A woman named Fabby noticed an Old English Sheepdog going back and forth the railroad tracks. She got really worried that the poor animal could end up hit by a train or a car so she did just the right thing alerting Hope For Paws and asking from them to step in.

As always, Eldad Hagar and his team were more than happy to assist, so he and Jacquline Artecona headed towards where the dog was reported to be roaming.

They were told how the dog was afraid of humans and would run away whenever someone tried to approach her. But they used the method of luring the animal with some delicious food. It proved useful once again and the dog was soon in their hands. Jacquline named her Shayna. Fabby helped with the rescue as well and was happy Shayna was finally taken off the streets.

Shayna’s fur was so overgrown that she couldn’t see clearly. But she was finally going to get a nice bath and a trim.

Once at the shelter’s headquarters, Eldad and his team were able to locate Shayna’s owners. Sadly, they said they couldn’t take her in again and asked from Eldad to find her a new home.

As for now, Shayna is doing amazingly and is looking for her new family.

You can take a look at the incredible rescue that melted the hearts of over 1.5 million people who saw it below.

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