Compassionate Donkey Makes Friends With a Dog Who Can’t Play With the Other Pups

"I thought I adopted a puppy, but every day it becomes clearer that she was adopted by my donkey." ❤️


The life of most dogs consist mainly of playing and running around, taking long naps, munching on their favorite food, and loving their humans. 

So, when a canine is born with a disability that prevents them from doing any of the above, it can lead to a lonely life.

Kolima is a sweet dog suffering from wobbler syndrome, a spinal condition that makes it painful to stand and walk. 

Sadly, that means that Kolima isn’t able to join herpuppy friends in their game. However, that doesn’t mean that she can’t have fun with Paolo, her best friend who is a donkey. Yes, the friendship between these two pals is both unlike and cute as it shows the compassion animals of different species have for one another. 

Paolo spends time with Kolima every single day because he doesn’t want his friend to feel neglected. What’s most, they enjoy each other’s company and have lots of fun together. 

Speaking of these two friends, their owner says: “I thought I adopted a puppy but every day it becomes clearer that she was adopted by my donkey.”

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