Surprised Citizens Spot Wolf-Coyote Hybrid On Bar’s Roof

No, that’s not a wolf and no, it’s not a dog, and no, it’s not even a coyote. What you are about to see is something called...


It’s a different species…

Ever heard of the Coywolf? Coywolves, or are sometimes called Woyotes, are hybrids descended from wolves and coyotes. They were spotted in many cities, such as Ontario in Canada and even in New York City. Coywolves are larger than coyotes in size and heavier in weight, but they are smaller than wolves. They are known to be intelligent and street-smart just like a coyote, but with the appearance of a wolf. Howls of coywolves are said to start off sounding very much like regular gray wolves, with a deep strong vocalization, but changes halfway into a coyote-like high pitched yipping. Compared to pure coyotes, eastern coywolves, found in eastern north america, form more cooperative social groups like wolves and are generally less aggressive with each other while playing.

Eastern coywolves were found to also have a mild percentage of dog genes, which may have played a role to its success of surviving in human-developed areas. Recently, coywolves have been spotted in cities like New York City, which have caused some members of the public to be concerned.

But just like their coyote ancestors, coywolves prefer to avoid humans and would flee at the sight of one, so an attack is highly unlikely. Their eating habits are also similar to coyotes, and are omnivorous.

Coywolves can eat a variety of foods, ranging from garden produce to small mammals. This unique animal lives among us and is also rarely sighted, easily blending itself into the urban environment of a city.

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