Chained Dog Who Ate Rocks In Order To Survive Steals Heart Of Her Rescuer

Make sure you watch this until the end ❤


An animal hoarder was keeping more than 90 dogs in his house in Arkansas and used them for breeding. The poor creatures had no food or water and lived in a filthy and crowded place.

Luckily, someone informed the authorities and animal rescue organizations that stepped in and took the dogs from the lunatic’s hands. The dogs were now under the care of the Humane Society of the United States.

That’s when Amanda Gossom, a volunteer at the organization, met one of the dogs named Zoey. The connection was instant and she just knew she had to take her in and give her a forever home.

Poor Zoey spent her days chained to a tree surrounded by rocks only. The poor animal would eat those rocks because she was malnourished and starving. As a result, most of her teeth were either broken or missing.

Luckily, Zoey now had a loving human to keep her save. She experienced love and kindness for the first time ever.

You can check Zoey and Amanda’s story in the video below.

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