Cat’s Reaction To Possum Stealing Its Food Is Hilarious

This cat wasn't quite sure what to think when a mean, old possum started stealing his food.


Watch how this cat reacts when a possum steals its food..

Cats, like dogs, can be territorial over their food. So what happens if a cat sees a wild possum stealing its food? One orange cat faced such an unfortunate circumstance, it was about to enjoy its meal as usual, which had been placed outside by its owner. The orange cat was shocked to see a possum in front of its food bowl, eating its food! This possum, quickly noticed the orange cat, but simply ignored its presence! It probably thought that the orange cat was not a threat, so it didn’t see a reason to flee or “play dead”.

Like dogs, cats would look to their owners for help, just like what this orange cat did. It didn’t know what to make of the situation or how to react, so it looked to its owner for help. It had probably hoped that its owner would come out to save the day, but its owner was so amused that he simply stayed indoors to take photos of this scene.

Seeing that its owner did not react, the orange cat got closer to the door and started meowing, hoping that its owner would take action. The possum was unfazed and still continue to eat from the food bowl, much to the orange cat’s dismay.

The orange cat gave up after awhile and decided to take action. It approached the possum, but quickly backed off when it stood its ground, unafraid. The poor cat now had no choice but to simply watch while the possum eats up its food, looking back at its owner in dismay. Poor kitty!

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