CATS – Protect You And Your Home From Ghosts And Negative Spirits


We may joke sometimes that cats want people to treat them like Gods, but what we don’t know is that although they are not supreme creatures, they are not ordinary beings either. Cats’ auras help keep the home a safe place. They have the power to sense the presence of evil spirits and they know how to expel them using their energy.

Cats and Negative Energy

Back in the days, the Russians practiced a ritual they believed would keep their home safe from evil spirits. When they were about to move to a new place of living, they would let a cat enter their new home first in order to eliminate any negative energy left by the previous owners. They believed the cat not only had the power to get rid of the negative spirits but to attract positive energy as well. When a cat enters your home, expect it to fulfill it with positive thoughts and happiness.

Those who own a cat have certainly noticed their pets staring towards an empty space or spend certain amount of time wandering around the same spot in the house. If this is the case, it means they are finding a way to protect you from the negative energy in form of evil spirit and ghosts they are likely experiencing at that exact moment.

The cats’ aura is widely known as an astral force.

The negative energies your cat is trying to fight against might be new spirits that try to enter your home, or they might be remaining of certain traumatic experience from the past that took place before you even moved in your home.

So, whenever you notice your cat going around the same spot in the house, make sure you don’t disturb her, and let her do what she does best.

They always tend to choose sleeping positions in the house where the strength they feel is the most intense. These places are usually the ones where the negative energy flows or places where there is underground water.

Ways to Remove Heavy Negative Energy

Sometimes, when you notice your cat is doing some of the things we discusses above, you can help her with expelling the evil spirits.

If the cat spends too much time around the same spot in the house, you may help her by saying a prayer at the spot or even cleaning the place.

Another way you can facilitate the process of getting rid of the negative energy is burning White Sage leaves near the spot. It is believed that the negative spirits and their energy are attached to smoke and then converted into light energy.

Or, you can simply rub the leaves in your hands because that’s another way for the cleansing energy of the plant to be released.

If the cat doesn’t approach the spot that regularly after the cleansing, that means the ritual is successful. And in case it does, you may repeat the ritual once again.

Protection from Curses and Evil Eyes

Cats are great protectors from curses and evil eyes. If someone has malicious thoughts of you, you should know how to use your cat in order to avoid these evil influences. Simply touch your cat with both hands and then caress the cat’s left hand and continue to the tail.

If you are suffering emotional stress or illness, your cat is there to help you overcome that state. If you are experiencing pain just let your cat lie on the sore spot and gently stroke her in order to release your mental stress.

Protection from Geopathogenic Zones

Cats choose the geopathogenic zones in the house they live. These zones are the places where large amount of negative energies flow. But cats can combat those energies because they are channels through which cosmic energy is conveyed. When they release the negative energies out of the house, they invite the positive energies inside.

The Specialties of Cats of Different Colors

Although all the cats have these powers, different color of the fur is associated with different magic characteristics.

Black Cats

Black cats are the best when it comes to getting rid of occult power and curses. Their presence in the house brings wisdom and power of true judgment in the dwellers.

Calico Cats

They bring prosperity in the house and protect it from harm.

Blue-Gray Cats

These cats are associated with happiness, good luck and emotional stability.

Colorpoint Siamese Cats

These cats prolong your life and bring success and fame into it.

Two-Tone Cats

The two-tone cats fill the home with wisdom and common sense.

Tortoiseshell Cats

They are associated with women’s magic, because this color pattern is inherited only by females.

Golden Cats

They are known as temple cats and are related to the solar energy.

Tabby Cats

Tabby cats bring positive vibes, humor, and fun.

This is why being around cats can only make you cheerful and energetic. They are the best pet one can ever have.

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