No one wanted this cat with deformed face

This poor kitten with a deformed face was about to be euthanized, but a rescue organization stepped in just in time to give her a second chance. Just like at her smile now!


The cat’s tumor was too big to be ignored..

This is the story of Keta, found on the streets of New York back in October. Keta was quickly brought to safety to a animal care shelter nearby, but there was something else that bothered the medical staff – Keta had a very large tumor on her face!

Both the rescuers and vets came to the unfortunate conclusion that it would be too costly to care for poor Keta, who was no older ten months. Thus, she was signed up for a kill shelter.

Luckily, Keta’s story had gained the attention of Kristin Livan. She is the vice president of a non-profit organization named Unwanted NYC Pets. The organization takes care of abandoned and unfortunate animals and rehomes them.

Keta was taken away from the kill shelter in the nick of time, and the organization started to raise funds in order to pay for her surgery.

Keta’s story even garnered world-donated funds, and it did not take long before Keta was able to afford a suitable medical procedure to remove her tumor.

However, taking care of Keta had proved to be an extremely tricky task. Keta had trouble eating, seeing and breathing due to the position and size of her tumor. Staff had to resort to using duck-tape to make sure that Keta would be able to eat from her plate properly.

Luckily for the feline, initial testing showed that Keta’s tumor was benign – which great news. The animal organization even paid for the difference out of their own pocket for her surgery – and it paid off. Keta’s surgery was a huge success!

Keta was out of the hospital within five days, regained her strength, appetite and eyesight – she became a lively kitten once again!

Keta was quickly adopted, and right before Christmas! This was a true Christmas miracle for Keta, as she was rescued merely a month ago!

Keta is as happy as she can be in her new home, without ever having to worry of a hard life ahead of her ever again!

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