Cat With ‘4 Ears’ Quickly Gets A Happy Ending

This cat is named Batman. When you see his extra ears, you'll see why!


How unique is he?

This story is not about the famous D.C. Comics superhero who is in-charge of protecting a fictional location named Gotham City, but it concerns one special and peculiar-looking rescue cat. The cat, named Batman, had a very rare genetic mutation, causing him to be born with not just 1 pair of ears instead of one solo pair like normal cats would have. Batman had been presumed to be at least 3-years-old when he was surrendered to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society located in Pittsburgh – after his owner claimed that he could no longer able to care for his cat.

Batman the black cat’s very unique look was believed to be caused by both of his parents – they might have been carrying the very same recessive gene mutation. However, Batman does not actually have two sets of ears, despite his looks. On the contrary, he has extra ear canals and ear flaps called pinnae. As people are usually intrigued by or are already huge fans of unusual pets, Batman was a big hit at the shelter he stayed at. After Batman received some medical care and was fed properly, he got quickly adopted within a few hours!
Hala Nuemah the managing director of the Western PA Humane Society exclaims: “As an open door shelter, we take in and care for any animal brought to us. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a four-eared cat comes in the door!”

Watch his story in the video below!

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