Cat Steals Bag Of Weed And Brought It home – But Wait To See The Owner

Cats have many talents!...Lt. Fuffy on duty! 😂


Somebody call the paw-lice.

It’s probably advisable to stay on the right side of the law when one of your family members is a police officer.

Problem is, we are talking about a literal cat. It doesn’t end there, the cat’s owner is a police officer in the area.

But try telling that to Tigger the cat, who has developed a habit for stealing toys, trash and even marijuana – before bringing it to his police officer owner.

Cop Dave Kempas has now nicknamed the pet ‘Kleptokitty’ – and revealed that his criminal thieving has been going on for the last four years.

Kempas told Fox News the thefts are almost a nightly occurrence.

“I go in and grab my cup of coffee and walk up to get the newspaper and see what Tigger has brought me today, that’s my morning routine,” he said.

When the kitty brought the bag of marijuana, this is certainly was a big surprise for him!

“You can’t be doing that stuff home, that’s against the law!,” he reportedly tried to reason with his pet. :))

Probably, the police will have police cats in the future?

What do you think ?