As a mom, I remember the exact moment I found out I was pregnant. I am sure all mothers remember it too!

Whether they were peeing on a stick in the bathroom, starring at a positive home pregnancy test with their spouse, or if they got the amazing news from the doctor. We all had a moment when our face showed the shock of it all. This momma cat had the look of surprise when she found out about her new little bundle of joy.

Meet Ulla a tiny 1-year-old tabby cat. When she arrived it wasn’t her first time at the shelter. This was sadly the second time Ulla had entered the shelter’s door; she’d already been adopted as a kitten just a few months before. Now here she was again.

There had been post made for adoption but still no owner came to adopt her.  After about a month at the shelter, board member Tone Frank says started noticing Ulla getting a little chubbier.

“I took her to get scanned at the vet, which she wasn’t too happy about,” Tone said. “Sure enough, four to six tiny kittens were displayed clearly on the ultrasound monitor.”


But the look on Ulla’s face was priceless.  It was the look of disbelief and surprise all rolled into one.

Shelter staff thought it was so relatable the uploaded the image with the caption  “When you find out you’re pregnant.”  The post was too funny and it quickly went viral.

Ulla and kittens are doing just fine.  The shelter had spayed Ulla immediately following the birth and the kittens will also be spayed or neutered.

It was shocking news but Ulla faced it like any mother would with LOVE!

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