Cat has the most heartbreaking reaction after losing his friend

This is heartbreaking!


In life, we come across many friends, but only the real ones are there to stay. Throughout the years, the two cats named Chuey and Big Boy got used to the presence of one another in the house. They didn’t really hang out that much, but did a lot of things together. 

Sadly, Chuey passed away recently, and Big Boy simply knew something was really wrong. He was moody and sad and missed the presence of his best friend. Fearing that Big Boy may leave the place trying to search for his pal, the owner decided to show him Chuey’s dead body. 

The sight of the sweet cat saying the last goodbye to the only friend he ever had is a heartbreaking one. 

This video will clear all the doubts you ever had about animals and their ability to express emotions and show compassion. 

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