Cat Finds Out She’s Pregnant But Flips Out With Priceless Look On Face Upon Sight Of Results

The owners decided to take their cat to get an ultrasound, suspecting she was pregnant, but they never imagined their cat to quickly make headlines after their visit with the vet. Even the vet had never seen anything like it!


The most precious thing in a woman’s life is hearing the news of being pregnant. Welcoming a tiny creature in the parent’s life must be something special, so future moms visit the doctor often, just to make sure the pregnancy is going great. I guess many of them remember the very first time they’ve seen their loving baby on the screen, and the first time they’ve got to hear the heartbeat of the child.

Experiencing all this is simply priceless. But sometimes it can be pretty shocking as well. As for one future mommy who was obviously overwhelmed after seeing what is there in her tummy. This future furry mommy’s reaction is too funny for words and one of the best we’ve ever seen. She looks as though she’s thinking “Are you kitten me?”

Facebook/Dyrenes Venner

When she was taken off the streets of Nuuk, Greenland, Ulla, who was 1-yer-old at the time was brought to an animal shelter. Tone Frank, one of the employees of the Dyrenes Venner shelter, which translates to “friends of the animals” says how they noticed Ulla was getting bigger, and they knew it wasn’t because she ate that much.

It was obvious something was going on with this chubby cat, so the staff made sure she gets the most needed check up.

Facebook/Dyrenes Venner

The cat wasn’t really looking forwards to see a vet, but they already made an appointment so she didn’t really had a choice but to stay still during the ultrasound that revealed something amazing. Tone told TODAY:

“It was pretty amazing. I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.”

Everyone was glad to discover there were little kittens inside her tummy, but not Ulla. She was sort of shocked and in disbelief. And boy, was it fun to watch.

Facebook/Dyrenes Venner

Ulla’s reaction made everyone laugh and the photo of her has since gone viral. As many people heard of Ulla, it wasn’t difficult for the shelter to find a foster home for the mommy and her babies.

We hope soon enough, all of them will get adopted and will have a nice life ahead.

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