Cat Clings Onto A Man Who Visited The Shelter And Won’t Let Go

"We went to 'just look' and then he adopted us, so we had no choice." :) This is so sweet!


The cat refused to let go of this man…

Animals who have previously been abandoned by their former families often traumatized and develop separation anxiety even though they have already been re-homed. A black and white cat named Jasper or Jazz for short, has unfortunately been on streets for some time before getting rescued. Jasper had been abandoned by his former family, who left him alone on the streets. As his family never came back for him, poor Jasper became the victim of attacks by stray neighborhood cats.

One Facebook user noticed Jasper and immediately posted news about him on a Facebook group, asking if anyone could take him in as he was wounded. A rescue group eventually took Jasper in after hearing news about him. When Jasper arrived, the rescuers were shocked to see the cat covered in flith and had knotted fur all over his body. Jasper was also found to have a large laceration in-between his body and his tail.

A reddit user, Sarie24 and her husband visited the same shelter and met Jasper there. When Jasper saw the couple, he immediately clung onto Sarie24’s husband and refused to let go of him. Jasper had chosen his potential family straightaway, so the couple decided to adopt him. When they brought Jasper home, he was skittish like they had expected but warmed up to them quickly. He even chose their room as his safe heaven.

Jasper however, had developed separation anxiety due to the stress from living as a stray. He constantly meowed for attention from his owners, even at night. The couple then decided to look for another cat to accompany Jasper, and found a kitten named Alice. Alice and Jasper became fast friends and would accompany each other all the time. Now, Jasper is currently living happily with his family and no longer has to fear being alone again.

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