Caring Pit Bulls Help Two Blind Kittens Adjust To Their Lives Without Sight


Putting blind kittens in a playpen with pit bulls might strike some people as a little risky, but, amazingly, these loving pups are helping the tiny cats adjust to life without sight.

7-year-old cat Helen arrived at a Faithful Friends animal shelter in Wilmington, Delaware, suffering from severe eye problems.

Helen’s 10-week-old sibling kittens, Bruce and Willis, also ended up at the shelter. Like Helen, they were in agony due to swollen, irritated eyes.

The shelter removed all three cats eyes in a bid to lessen the cats’ suffering and give them a chance for a pain-free life, but they struggled to adjust to life in the dark.

“Helen was so sweet, but so distressed in her cat kennel,” said Sherry.

So Sherry Stewart, who works at the shelter, fostered all three cats and took them home to meet her adopted rescue pit bulls.

She set up a playpen so Alfie, a certified therapy dog, and Frankie, who “is a little over the top with his affection” could get to know their new furry friends.

The pit bulls immediately took the vulnerable kittens under their wings (paws?).

“[The dogs] kind of act like surrogate moms. They seemed to have a sense [the cats] need a little extra TLC,” said Sherry. Bruce and Willis even like to nap on Alfie’s back.

The pit bulls helped the kittens find their feet and their confidence. “Willis doesn’t act distressed and doesn’t have any trouble finding things,” said Sherry, “He can even jump into my bed now!”

Helen also found a new BFF in the form of foster cat Hubbell.

“She was nervous at first, but [Hubbell] was persistent and finally won her over. They would eat, play and take naps together. They formed a very special friendship.”

Sadly for Helen, Hubbell was recently adopted. But Helen, Bruce and Willis (who must be adopted together) are still looking for their forever home.

If you’ve got space in your home for some furry playmates, you can head to the Faithful Friends Society website to adopt these kitties.

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