Caring Dog Pushes His Owner’s Wheelchair Everyday

Not sure what the dog was up to, they decided to start filming. Thank goodness they did.


Danilo Alarcon didn’t know how he would move on after a terrible accident that left him paralyzed. Everything in his life seemed to come to a screeching halt and he didn’t want to pick up the pieces.

Life in Davao, Philippines was already complicated – but being paralyzed made things ten times worse.

Thankfully, a furry angel was about to be sent into Danilo’s life. This friend would transform Danilo from a depressed man with a disability to a man about town!


Sadly, Danilo’s spinal injury occurred when he was riding a motorcycle in his hometown. Before he understood what happened, doctors told him he was completely paralyzed from the waist down. How could he ever live a “normally” again?

That’s when a fluffy little creature popped into his life.

At the time, Danilo had no clue that one little pup would cure his depressed state and get him back to exploring the world around him!


He came across a tiny pup named Digong and knew they were meant to be buddies! And boy, was Danilo right. They traveled everywhere together, ate meals at the same time and even cuddled in the same bed.

It was safe to say these two were inseparable!

In the seven months since the universe brought them together, Danilo has trained Digong to help push his wheelchair about town. Without Digong’s help, Danilo would hardly be able to navigate around his home, let alone the bumpy dirt roads!


Faith Revilla and her husband, Danjo were the ones who first spotted Danilo and Digong and shared the footage online. She spoke to Daily Mail UK about how touching the sight was, and explained that this type of animal-human bond was something she’s only seen in the movies.

“We felt blessed to have witnessed this extraordinary sight of an amazing creature helping its master maneuver his wheelchair along Seminary Drive. I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, but this was a very real scene… I have no words to describe my emotions right now. May the good Lord bless them both.”

Even though it seemed out of the ordinary, the pair’s friendship was genuine. In fact, Faith was so moved by the sight that she considered it a blessing. We all feel the same way!

What an excellent example of why we consider dogs to be our best friends in the Animal Kingdom.


Take a peek at this sweet moment for yourself in the video here.

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