Caged Up Dog Was Left In The Scorching Heat, But Rescued Before She Was Slaughtered


The poor dog was left in a filthy cage..

On a scorching hot day in July 2017, the team at Humane Society International found a dog named Emily, who was locked up in a barren cage on a dog meat farm located in South Korea. She had been living in isolation all along, causing her paws to become raw and painful from the wire floor and the lack of movement. Plus, her severe case of mange was also left untreated. Emily’s fur was also in disarray, and she had multiple bald patches on several areas of her frail body.

The underweight dog was about to be slaughtered for meat until her rescuers intervened. With only a tight window between safety and slaughter for the poor pup, Emily’s team of rescuers were not only able to rescue Emily, but has successfully rescued all the other dogs that were at this meat farm with her – about more than 130 in total!

Emily was not looking well at all. She was immediately rushed to an animal hospital where she was examined and treated for most of her ailments. Today, Emily has recovered well, and looks like a completely different dog!

Thanks to her rescuers, Emily is happier than ever in her new life! She finally gets the opportunity to feel and show love in her own ways. While no longer caged up, Emily also gets to sleep in a warm bed every night – without having to worry about the lack of food, water or playtime!

Watch Emily’s story below!

According to Emily’ new family, she loves the Florida sunshine, and has made a tremendous recovery from her skin condition since her rescue. Way to go, Emily!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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