Bus Stop Rooster Runs To Greet His Best Friend – Everyday After School


This rooster runs to the bus stop everyday to greet her..

Most people think that only cats and dogs will rush to greet their owners when they get back home from work or school, but did you know that even a rooster does too? In Atlanta, Texas, a rooster named Frog is best friends with Savannah Burns, the family’s thirteen year-old daughter.

Frog has been living with the Burns family for about a year and got his name when the family saw that he hops instead of walking.

In addition, Frog is different from the other chickens at the farm. Instead of spending time with the others, he prefers to spend his time with the Burns family and gets very interested on what they were doing. Out of all the family members, Frog is the closest with Savannah Burns.

When Frog was young, Savannah would carry him around the house while she did her chores. According to Holley Burns, Savannah’s mother, Frog would sit near Savannah and watch her as she did the dishes or the laundry. He would even spend his time sitting near Savannah while she watches television or does anything else!

Although Savannah is friends with every animal at the Burns’ property, nothing rivals her deep bond with Frog. However, the most unique aspect of their deep bond can be seen on every school day. Every morning, Frog would accompany Savannah to the bus stop, where she would take the school bus to school.

When the school bus comes back to the bus stop later that day, Frog would run up to the school bus and greet Savannah. Holley Burns also added that Frog would even board the school bus if Savannah takes longer to alight!

You can watch a video of Frog running to greet Savannah below:

What a truly unique and beautiful friendship!

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