Burglar Shot His Great Dane, But Shelter Surprises Owner Two Years Later


Patrons loved seeing the Great Dane.

One day, the owner of a food truck named Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen, Drew Blaskovich himself had lost his dearest canine, a Great Dane named Rex. Rex had been unfortunately killed by a burglar’s gunshot. To Drew, Rex was more than family – he was his business’s mascot – his customers loved him as so, too.

Drew tried to locate another blue Great Dane to replace Rex, but to no avail as breeders weren’t breeding any new puppies. Aside from his food truck, Drew is a well-known animal lover. He is actually long time friend and volunteer for the Front Street Animal Shelter, where he donates his monthly profits to.

However, one Super Bowl Sunday, Drew received a phone call from the shelter. It was great news. At first, shelter staff masked it as a animal fundraiser held in Rex’s honor – but it was much more than that. A surprise had been planned for Drew as well.

Drew arrived at the scene and saw a 4-month-old Great Dane puppy near the Puppy Bowl – it instantly reminded him of Rex.

Drew immediately inquired about the little puppy he saw, but he was already fostered by another woman who wanted to adopt him. Disappointed, he only stuck around because the  shelter’s PR coordinator asked him to. It was then to his delight that the shelter presented Drew with the puppy itself!

Today, Drew is still happily living with his new Great Dane puppy – and the two have greatly bonded over time!
Watch the touching video below!

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