Bulldog Puppy Throws Temper Tantrum Over New Sweater! It’s The Cutest Thing EVER!!


Some owners like to dress their dogs to make them look cuter. It may be ok for the dog when it is cold, but as a rule dogs are not happy about clothing at all.

Have you met a Bulldog that throws tantrums at their human in a way that it looks like the dog is yelling? You should watch the video on next page and meet this cranky English Bulldog puppy, named Marshall. He is mad with his human mommy for letting him wear a bright red and white sweater.

Marshall just does not like this new sweater one little bit… and can tell he’s maaaaad at his mumma. One thing’s for certain, bulldog stank eye is no joke!

But just watching him get more and more upset is just so cute!! This may be the cutest bulldog puppy temper tantrum you’ve ever seen in your life. His fit causes him to accidentally roll on his back!

Oh my gosh, this is something you can watch over and over again, and have your heart warmed up every single time! He’s so sassy!

Can you relate to what Marshall feels? Have you also experienced the time when you are still a young child and you mom forces you to wear something you don’t want?

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